About Biocenosis Solutions, INC.

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Biocenosis Solutions, Inc. was formed to address the sales, marketing and manufacturing of the products we have developed over the years. I started a consulting business, Water Treat Technology (WTT) in 1997 as a small environmental consulting and service company. We mostly help municipalities and manufactures. As WTT grew, I found that selling a few microbial products could help its customers. In 2003, I graduated SIU with an Industrial Engineering Degree. In 2008, I acquired my Illinois Class 1 Wastewater Treatment Operator License. With my professional documentation and experience in the industry, I started to receive more inquires for consulting and professional plant assessments. Most of my recommendations come with a solution or multiple solutions to address customer issues. I have decided to start a separate company, Biocenosis Solutions, Inc. to develop and promote the products we manufacture and sell. With the help of my daughter, Mallory Engele running the new company, I can now concentrate more on consulting. Mallory has shown great interest in taking on this task. She handles all the website sales, the warehousing, manufacturing and marketing of the new business. She is currently working with me to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to perform these tasks effectively and efficiently.

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